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Color Prints

Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Registration & Authentication. See order form for prices and shipping instructions.

"Monday Morning"

Image Size: 16"X20"   Trim Size: 18"X23"

Beautifully lithographed on Gallery Plate Finish, 100% rag paper

Monday Morning.JPG

This picture is self-explanatory. This situation is usually caused by loss of sleep, too much wine, dine and dancing, major breakdown of equipment, financial situation, or the loss of a working partner.

Ole got the idea for this painting and posed for it himself, in his living room, sitting on the organ bench.  When he painted the picture he removed the bench and put it in a setting out in the woods. 

"Steam Yarder"

Image Size: 15"X20"   Trim Size: 18"X22"

Beautifully lithographed on 100% cotton fiber

Steam Yarder on a logging site, Olin's Camp, in

Chinook, Washington. This method was used until about the turn of the century. 

This picture was taken from an old family photograph.  It is of Ole’s Dads equipment along the Bear River in Pacific County Washington. 

"Tillamook Burn"

Image Size: 19.75"X30"   Trim Size: 23"X34"

Beautifully lithographed on 100% cotton fiber

Tillamook Burn.JPG

The Timber Faller model for

this painting is

S. A. Cuddeback of Cuddeback

Lumber Company, Eugene, Oregon.


He fell timber in the Tillamook Burn in 1938, '39 & '40. 


Image Size: 21"X16"   Trim Size: 24"X18"

Beautifully lithographed on 80# Precision dull cover

This Saturday night bath in a galvanized tub was a ritual that many old timers well remember. It was an experience also shared by the artist's family, starting with the youngest child and progressing to the oldest. 

 He took the picture of the young lady in the tub in his living room, but placed it in a small room with an old wood stove that some friends had installed in their home. He added the wood box and the towel on the chair, and then threw in the red hat, like the logger had just got home and surprised his wife.  The model was Linda Nelson of Springfield, Oregon. 

"Buck Hunter"

Image Size: 16"X20"   Trim Size: 19"X23"

Printed on 100# Quintessence dull book paper


"Old woodsmen never give up hunting, they just loose their tracks."

The model for "Buck Hunter" is former Logging Superintendent Charlie Reese of Springfield, Oregon. Ole was still working and looking at timber sales and sometimes Charlie would ride with him. He would let Ole out  of the pickup on some units and  drive around and pick him up on the bottom, after Ole had checked the volume.  Ole took a picture of  him in his own backyard and for the painting he added a deer walking across the road behind him.

"The Proud Ones"

Image Size: 18"X38"   Trim Size: 21"X39.5"

Beautifully lithographed on 100% cotton fiber

Painted from an old family photograph, taken in the early 1900's. Logging

South & East of Astoria, Oregon, in the area of Saddle Mountain.


The faller on the right is the late John A. Olin, father of the artist. The man on the left remains unidentified.

"Roy's Tired"

Image Size: 20"X16"   Trim Size: 22"X19"

Beautifully lithographed on 80# Quintessence dull cover

Roy Slater was a typical West Coast Logger, born in Sweet Home, Oregon and raised in the Willamette Valley. He started working in the woods a the age of 16, and worked his way up from Choker Setter to High Climber, and then Logging Superintendent for Rookard Logging Co., Eugene. He worked in Oregon, Northern California and Alaska.


One day a lady by the name of Hazel Slater wrote Ole and asked him if he could draw in pen and ink a picture she had enclosed of Roy. The picture was taken with an old box camera and was very small.  Ole couldn’t do it in pen and ink, but decided he could do it in oil. He added the rain coat hanging on the wall and the cork boots. Roy had passed away and the picture meant a great deal to Hazel and her children, and to Roy’s relatives. 

"The Footlog"

Image Size: 13.75 "X22"   Trim Size: 16.5"X24"

Beautifully lithographed on Rising Mirage 100% rag paper


Some run across 'em, some crawl, and some walk cautiously. The Footlog is depicted in this colored print of an oil painting by Eldon R. "Ole" Olin. 

Ole walked many footlogs in his life as a timber cruiser, and one time fell in the water and had to build a fire and dry out before finishing the days work. At that time he was the Compassman on the job and the older Timber Cruisers helped him out of the water and to a fire they built to dry out his clothes. The man on the left in the painting was Lou Surcamp of Springfield, Oregon. He came out to Ole's house and posed on a trailer bed as if he was walking a footlog. The man on the right was John Venator of Eugene, Oregon.  Both John and Ole were cruising timber one day and Ole asked if he would pose like he was walking a footlog. John said, “You know I don’t like footlogs, but I will do it if you'll trim me down a little in weight.” Both men are now deceased.

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